Videos From Our 2016 INT Convention

Videos of all the preachings from our 2016 INT Convention

Here, you may see and hear all the messages from our recent 2016 INT Convention, celebrated on April 23-24, 2016...

The Secret of Contentment

The Secret of Contentment - Message from Bishop David Barlock

A very rich businessman told me one day: "David, money changes everything".

When he said those words I detected a look of disgust in his eyes. It is a lesson that we all learn in one way or another - happiness is a matter of the heart, not what we hold in our hand...





Leer el mensaje...Mensaje del Obispo David Barlock

The New "Jill's Corner"

Jill's Corner

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There, you will find vibrant testimonies, prayer petitions, and bible verses to feed and lift your spirit.

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Vision For Our Fellowship

My vision is to see a multicultural council of churches, led by anointed men and women who are not bound by denominational walls, who willingly submit to the anointing upon each others ministries, whose primary interest is to serve and not to be served. I believe in a church that can cross international frontiers, preaching the same doctrine while accepting different methods; a church that accepts diversity as a blessing and yet discerns and excludes those who are selfishly ambitious.