Christian Life Mission

A Bit of History

Manati - Comienzos

Our Beginnings in Manatí - 1978

Iglesia Nuevo Testamento / Christian Life Mission is a pentecostal movement that started in the island of Puerto Rico in 1978 through the ministry of an American couple called David and Jill Barlock. They settled in the coastal town of Manatí in the north coast of ths island, in obedience to what they felt as a calling from God to minister to the latin community. Even though they had a huge impediment not knowing the Spanish language or poverty, they managed to establish three churches in the island by the year 1979 and started to expand their efforts traveling to the neighboring Dominican Republic in 1980 and then on to Central and South America.

The Barlock family testimony inspired many others, especially young people, to move in faith and offer themselves to full-time ministry. As a result of this, they welcomed more than 70 más de 70 full-time disciples by 1988 and sent them in missionary efforts on the field, backed by their organization.

In Puerto Rico at the present time, there are 17 churches belonging to the Concilio de Iglesias del Nuevo Testamento. INT Church in Dorado, pastored by Bishop Juan Canales, has attracted a great number of musicians, singers, and other famous artists from Puerto Rico in the last couple of decades. Among them, there are two singers that have taken the step towards full-time ministry : Alex D'Castro, known as "the Salsa tenor", who is a Bishop in our Fellowship with several growing churches under his charge. He has expanded his efforts, starting from the INT of Río Piedras, reaching the towns of Caguas, Toa Baja, Juncos, Cidra, Las Piedras, Aguas Buenas, Orlando, Florida, and Popayán, Colombia. You may visit their website at: Carlos Camacho, who was the first tenor voice with the famous Los Hispanos Quartet for 13 years, currently pastors a dynamic church in the city of Ponce, Puerto Rico. You may also visit the church website at:

The missionary efforts of INT in Puerto Rico have extended to the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Honduras, Venezuela abd, more recently, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Colombia. All of these churches are growing and taking the necessary steps to train local ministers to help expand their evangelistic efforts.

This branch, known as Christian Life Mission functions in the US, with churches in the states of Ohio (main headquarters), Illinois, Connecticut, Texas, Florida, Maryland and California.

David and Jill Barlock served as pastors in the church in Puerto Rico for 22 years. Bishop Barlock is the recognized apostle in the organization and serves as our General Superintendent, traveling during the year to the different international conventions held by the different branches of our organization. Pastor Jill Barlock is an annointed preacher that specializes in ministering women. Her testimony of salvation and calling into the ministry has served as inspiration to hundreds of women.

The other supervisors helping to administer the churches are:

Bishop Leovigildo Gómez, supervisor if INT in Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and Honduras. Bishop Gómez was ordained in 1983 and now serves as the vice-president of the international body of churches.

Bishop Thomas Klaserner is the supervisor for Christian Life Mission of Ohio. Bishop Klaserner currently pastors a growing assembly in Uhrichsville, Ohio.

Bishop Carlos López is the supervisor for the churches in South America. Bishop López also pastors our church in the town of Florida, Puerto Rico.

For a complete list of our churches, their websites, social pages, and similar information, please open our Our Churches page.